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New beta version is available for download. Two most popular networks Facebook and LinkedIn just got a completely new configuration interfaces.

You can get new version from here: SNAP for WordPress Version 3.7.10.Beta

Just upload it to your plugins directory replacing current files or delete your current SNAP version install it from WP Admin. (That will not delete or anyhow affect your currently configured networks and settings).

Since it’s a beta version, please make a backup before upgrading and please report any issues right away.

1. Facebook.

No more entering Facebook URLs and figuring out your Facebook groups IDs. No more coming back to finish configuration. Please enter your key and secret and click “Authorize”. Then just choose your profile, page or group from the dropdown list.

Facebook also finally dropped obsolete “Attached link” style in favor of “Shared link”, so less complication there as well.

2. LinkedIn.

LinkedIn got more options and features. Premium NextScripts API got support for rich text “Pulse” posts. Support for new built-in LinkedIn v2 API also has been added. LinkedIn v2 API allows posts to company pages, so free plugin users can do that now.

LinkedIn also got the same brand new interface as Facebook. You can just enter your key and secret or username and password and select your profile, page or group from the dropdown list.

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